How to Play Charades


Charades is a silly game of acting out clues!  Get your team to guess the clue – but you’re not allowed to talk.

  • Materials Required: Small slips of paper; pen; 1 minute timer.
  • Recommended Number of People: 6-20 people.

How Do You Play Charades?


Prepare clues by writing funny situations or famous things on small slips of paper.  These will be acted out by players.  Split players into two teams.

Playing Charades

To play, have each team elect a representative to act.  If you wish to make this a simultaneously competitive game, have both actors go at the same time.  Show these players their clues. Set a one-minute timer.  Say “GO!”

The actors must use non-verbal (no talking) motions to try to get their team to successfully guess the clue.  If they can do it within a minute, they receive a point.

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