How to Play Build the Tallest Tower


Tallest Tower is a simple teambuilding activity that involves creativity, planning and teamwork.  Build the tallest tower using just newspapers and masking tape.

  • Materials required: A measuring tape; for each team, also provide one stack of newspaper, 1 large roll, of masking tape, and scissors.  Thus, an activity with four teams would require at least four stacks of newspapers and four rolls of tape.
  • Number of People Recommended: Three or four teams of 4-5 people are ideal.
  • Time Required: 20-25 minutes.

How Do You Play Tallest Tower?


Form teams of 3-5 people.  If necessary the teams can be larger, but small teams are ideal to allow players to all stay involved.  Supply each team with a stack of newspaper and a roll of masking tape.  If you wish, you can also supply some plastic straws and other common paper/plastic objects, but this is optional.

The goal is simple: have your team build the tallest or highest tower made of newspapers!

Give each team a couple minutes to plan and discuss strategy, and then start a timer for 15 minutes (or longer if you wish).  Each team will build a tall tower using the materials supplied.  When time is up, stop everyone and use the measuring tape to determine the winner.  Towers must remain standing and not fall.