How to Play the Bigger and Better Game


Can you transform a small object like a pencil and turn it into something valuable just by doing small trades with random strangers?  That’s the premise of the teambuilding activity called Bigger and Better.

  • Recommended Number of People: Teams of 3-5.
  • Recommended Ages: 14 and up.
  • Materials Required: A number of small objects, including pencils and pens

How Do You Play Bigger and Better?


Form teams of 3-5.  Be sure that the players understand the guidelines of the activity — no spending money is allowed, and to keep safety first.  Set a time limit (for example, two hours) and a final meeting point for every team to get back together and debrief.

Playing the Game

Distribute one small object like a pencil, pen or paper clip to each team.  Explain the rules to everyone.  Set a time limit and a final meeting destination where every group can show off their final object.

Teams take their object and meet with ordinary people on the street and ask them if they’d be willing to trade for the group’s object.  For instance, a team could ask someone, “Would you be willing to trade us your keychain for this pencil?”  The goal is to try to keep upgrading their object and to get something “bigger and better.”  This process continues until time runs out.  All groups go to the final destination in which judging can occur.

Once all groups return, there is a judging process for the largest, best, and most creative items that teams were able to get.  Sometimes amazing things can happen while playing this game — it’s not unheard of for a team to come back with a working bicycle or something remarkable.

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