How to Play Telephone Charades


Telephone Charades is a hilarious combination of the Telephone Game and Charades.

  • Materials Required: Slips of paper with the clues written on them.
  • Recommended Number of People: Groups of 6 are ideal.
  • Time Required: About 10 minutes per clue.
  • Ages: All can play.  Clues can be adapted for all ages.

How Do You Play Telephone Charades?


Prepare clues for the game by writing them on slips of paper.  Clues can be situations (e.g. “Becoming the President of the United States of America”) or silly things (e.g. “dancing Gangnam Style”).  Arrange each team by having all members line up and face the same direction (all members facing to the left, for instance).

Playing Telephone Charades

Show the clue to be acted out to only the last person in the line — let’s call him “Person A”.  Person A taps the shoulder of the next person in line (Person B), and Person B turns around to watch.  The first person (Person A) must act out the clue (without speaking or making any noises) to the next person in line (Person B).   Next, Person B taps on Person C’s shoulder and after he turns around, acts out what he or she thinks is the clue to Person C.  It’s possible that the message gets warped or ruined along the way — but this simply makes the game funnier.  Once the acting goes down the line to the last person, the last person must guess what the original clue was.  If the team was successful in guessing the clue, the team gets a point.

If there are multiple teams, the first team to guess the same clue correctly wins.