How to Play Icebreaker Pictionary


Pictionary is a popular game in which a player tries to draw clues and get teammates to successfully guess them.  Icebreaker Pictionary is a modified version in which people can draw pictures to answer questions about themselves.  This game is useful for classrooms or situations where it is beneficial for people to get to know each other better.

  • Materials Required:  A chalkboard, whiteboard, or large drawing pad; writing utensils; timer
  • Recommended Number of People: Two teams of 3-8 people.
  • Time Required:  Flexible; Usually about 30 minutes.

How Do You Play Icebreaker Pictionary?


Prepare a number of questions that would be useful for introductions or helping people get to know each other.  For instance:

  • what are your hobbies?
  • what is your favorite place on earth?
  • what are your favorite subjects to study?

Playing the Icebreaker Pictionary Game

Divide the group into two teams of about 3-8 people.  Set a one minute timer.  Ask for a volunteer from each team.  Give them the first question, say “Go!,” and start the timer.  Each volunteer draws their answers to the question.  Whenever their team successfully guesses it, then the team earns a point.  After each round, ask for two more volunteers and continue play.

This activity is more about getting to know each other and less about winning.  If you prefer to prevent cheating, you can have players write down their answers before drawing them.  Have fun!