How to Play the Superlatives Game


Superlatives is a fun icebreaker game that involves people getting to know each other in a fast, interactive way.  Players need to quickly rearrange themselves in the proper order.

  • Materials required: None!
  • Number of People Recommended: Four or more teams of 6-12 people are ideal.
  • Time Required: 10-20 minutes.

How Do You Play the Superlatives Game?

Form teams of about 6-12 people.  Ask everyone to stand up.  The game facilitator reads out the category, and each team must quickly arrange themselves in proper ascending (or descending) order, lining up accordingly.  When a team is in the proper order, have them sit down quickly.  The first group to successfully complete each task wins the round.  The facilitator then checks to make sure that the team is in fact in the correct order.

Some example superlatives to play:

  • height, from tallest to shortest
  • birth month, from January to December
  • length of hair, from shortest to tallest
  • letters in your first name, shortest to tallest
  • birthplace location, from most farthest away to closest to your current city
  • number of siblings, from least to most
  • number of shoes that you own, from least to greatest