How to Play Simon Says


Simon Says is a simple icebreaker that is often used by teachers and younger students.  This game involves following the leader when you’re supposed to, and not following the leader when you’re not supposed to.   A person named Simon is the leader.

  • Recommended Number of Players: 10-50.
  • Recommended Ages: Kids.
  • Materials Required: None.

How Do You Play Simon Says?


Elect one person the leader.  In this game, he is known as “Simon.”  Have him go to the front of the room, and everyone else stands up faces this person.

Playing the Game

Simon will get in front of the room and call out commands.  If Simon begins the sentence by saying “Simon says…” then everyone is required to do the action.  If he does not begin with “Simon says…” then the players are not allowed to do the action.

For example, if Simon calls out, “Simon says, touch your toes!” then all players must touch their toes.  If a player doesn’t obey, they are out and are eliminated from the game.

If Simon instead calls out “Touch your toes!” (without starting by saying “Simon says..”) then players are NOT supposed to touch their toes.  If anyone touches their toes, they are also eliminated from the game.

The game continues until one player (or a few players) remain.   These are the winners!

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