How to Play Ultimate Ninja Game


Ultimate Ninja is an action-packed party game that involves striking funny ninja poses and trying to slap their hands.

  • Materials Required: A large room or outdoor area free of obstacles.
  • Recommended Number of People: 5-10 is ideal.

How Do You Play Ultimate Ninja?

Setup for Ultimate Ninja

Players begin standing in a circle, standing at arms-length.

Playing the Game

The goal of Ultimate Ninja is to be the last ninja standing: to eliminate other players by slapping their hands.  On a given turn, a player can attack or move in one fluid motion.

1. Everyone says, “3, 2, 1… ULTIMATE NINJA!” and then all players quickly hold a ninja pose.

2. Choose one player to begin play.

3. On a player’s turn, he or she may do one swift ninja attack — one motion that attempts to touch another player’s hand.  Once making this motion, the player must freeze and hold the motion they just made.

4.  Immediately after the player moves, it is the next player’s turn and they can immediately do an attack.

5.  Any time a player is attacked, they may dodge as a reaction by moving their hand or arm, but they cannot move their feet.

6. If a player gets their hand struck, they must leave the circle, as they are eliminated.

7. Play continues until all ninjas are eliminated.  The winner is the ninja left standing.

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